corporate culture


Vision: to build a Chinese health and environmental protection brand
Mission: to improve human working environment, improve the quality of human living environment, and reduce the impact of human industrial development on the natural environment.
Service tenet: with expert service, we can customize one-stop solutions to all environmental problems for customers.
Goals: We are shouldering the beautiful mission of contributing to the quality of human work and living environment and the harmonious coexistence of human environment. While pursuing economic interests and material wealth, we are more satisfied with a sense of honor and pride from the mission. We should consciously integrate into this corporate values and a broad mind facing the living environment of mankind and future generations, So as to create our meaningful life and extend our life value. In the low carbon era, the earth will be a natural and fresh place.
Team concept: dream, goal, passion and steadfastness
Slogan: Let the dragon walk in the world
Business philosophy: unity, responsibility, development and innovation