What are the characteristics of each of the common types of spray paint rooms


What are the characteristics of each of the common types of spray paint rooms

At present, the domestic many types in spray-paint room, different function, different kinds and medium-grade spray-paint room price is different also, several common assembly structure is used to spray paint room generally, building the lash type thermal insulation coating wall plate, sealing, heat preservation performance is good, work room body is equipped with side door, convenient pass in and out of staff, aluminium alloy door, door central equipped with observation window, Can observe the room dynamics at any time.



So what are the characteristics of each kind of common spray paint room? Please take a look at the following introduction.

1, environmental protection spray paint room. That is to add a set of paint mist treatment system on the basis of the original dry spray room. Paint mist treatment: The paint mist treatment of the equipment adopts the method of activated carbon adsorption, which has the advantages of simple equipment, compact, small footprint; Easy to use, easy to maintain and manage.

2. Dust-free spray painting room. That is, on the basis of the combination of dry and environmental spray paint room, add a set of air purification system. The whole air filtration is Ⅱ stage filtration, that is, the combination of primary effect filtration (intake filtration) and sub-high efficiency filtration (top filtration). The top filter material is arranged at the bottom of the plenum and supported by the top mesh.

3. Water curtain spray painting room. It consists of indoor, sink, stainless steel curtain plate, water circulation system, air filtration system and so on. In the normal painting workpiece at the same time, can prevent waste paint emissions, reasonable protection of the environment. It can purify the environment, effectively deal with the cleaning and preservation of paint residue on the board, especially easy to repair and maintenance.